WRAP Certification

WRAP Certification

WRAP Certification

WRAP Certification for socially responsible manufacturing

The Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) program is the world’s most accepted independent certification for the apparel/textile, footwear, and sewn products industry. The program monitors and certifies lawful, humane and ethical production. Voluntary WRAP certification distinguishes manufacturers of all sizes aiming to successfully export products particularly to the United States.

Our accredited experts conduct independent audits to ensure that the facility fulfills requirements according to WRAP principles. The audit determines whether criteria have been met or if it warrants changes/additions to the system in order to achieve certification. The audit and subsequent corrective actions are instrumental in WRAP certification being successfully awarded to your facility.

WRAP is supported by the International Apparel Federation, the American Apparel & Footwear Association and as well as more than 20 international trade and industry associations. Demonstrate strong ethics, by certifying your commitment to fair labor practices, environmental considerations and as well as compliance to customs requirements and security standards. WRAP certification increases your global competitiveness and strengthens your corporate image in the lucrative US market.

Show buyers, distributors and consumers that your products are manufactured according to WRAP principles!

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