ISO 45001:2018

ISO 45001:2018

The ISO 45001 standard provides a framework for managing the prevention of work-related injuries, ill health, and death. The intention of this international standard is to improve and provide a safe and healthy workplace for workers and other persons who may be interacting with the organization.


1- Globalization: ISO 45001 puts your organization in an elite category of businesses, as it is an internationally recognized standard.
2- Improvement in business performance: The implementation of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System based on ISO 45001 reduces workplace illnesses and injuries, and, in turn, increases productivity.
3- Best practice creation: It provides consistency and establishes “best practices” for occupational health and safety throughout the organization.
4- Hazard & risk identification: Conducting risk assessments in a systematic manner, improve the quality of the assessment.
5- Lower insurance premiums: Having a recognized system in place provides an apron for attracting lower insurance premiums.
6- Improvements in efficiency: The implementation of an OH&S Management System contributes to the reduction of accident rates, absenteeism levels, and downtime, all of which improve the efficiency levels of internal operations.
7- Establishment of a safe working environment: Promotes the safety of all persons being affected by the organization’s activities.
8- Focus: A culture that focuses on the “prevention of problems” rather than on the “detection of problems” is much more effective and rewarding to employees.
9- Continual improvement: Encourages continual improvement, e.g. the adoption of the “zero accident” concept.

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